Peace Pilgrim
 Year 2004 Calendar

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Including quotes from Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words

Calendar Printing Instructions

This year's calendar is available through the website as a 28-page pdf download. Once you have downloaded the file (1 megabit), you can print it out on 8 1/2 by 11 paper. If your printer has a borderless printing feature, set it to print in this manner. For best results set your printer to high quality and print your calendar on photo quality paper . Once you have printed the pages (make sure that page 2 is blank so the calendar will display properly), you can take them to a local copy store (Kinko's, Staples,etc.) and have them copied "front to back" on a quality heavy-weight stock and then bound with a spiral binder. Have the copy store put a hole in the calendar so it can be hung. Cost should be around $7 to $10 in the USA.

Alternately you can print to double-sided matte paper. Print the odd pages first then turn the pages over and print the even pages on the back sides. It might be good to run a couple of sample pages first to confirm alignment. Be careful to print the pages so the tops of one side are aligned with the bottoms of the opposite sides. Because page 2 is blank you do not have to print it on the back of page 1. (The back of page 1 needs to be left blank for the calendar to display properly.). But for the remainder, page 4 should be printed on the back of page 3, 6 on 5, 8 on 7, etc. Once you have printed the calendar you can then have it bound at a copy store ($3 to $5).

We hope you enjoy the calendar.

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