Peace Pilgrim Children's Coloring Book
written by Gary Guthrie - illustrations by Barbara  Werner

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Once there was a woman who some people say was very special.

She walked across the United States six times. She carried no money or food and said, "I will fast until given food and walk until given shelter.”

She slept in many places, such as in barns, on haystacks or along the roadside unless she was offered a place to stay. Adults and children liked her because she was full of interesting stories about how people could have peace within themselves and among each

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coloring book picture 2 Once a young boy saw her walking through his town and asked her, “Have you always been a wanderer walking across America, a pilgrim dressed in blue?”

She smiled and answered him, “No, I was once a child just like you and your friends. I had light yellow hair, almost the color of gold. I liked to climb trees and play with animals. Where I grew up there was a woods to play in, a small river to swim in, and lots of
room to grow up in.”

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She also told the young boy that as a child she began preparing for her pilgrimage without knowing she was doing so. She did this by always deciding and doing the best things for her inner growth and spiritual understanding of life.

When her friends in school said, "Try some cigarettes and alcohol; everyone else smokes and drinks," she answered, "Life is a series of choices, and I choose freedom." She saw that drugs, alcohol, cigarettes may be popular but they can make slaves of people’s lives.

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